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Revo Plus is an automatic tray sealer for modified atmosphere packaging developed by Unimec, a company owned by Ilpra Group.
Revo is available both in sealing or vacuum gas versions, but also this model allows skin packaging at no extra costs on the machine.

Ease-of-use, high reliability and ease of mainteinance are the main characteristics of this machine. Revo Plus is perfect for medium industrial production, handicrafted production and large retail chains.

Revo Plus is able to pack a wide range of products: cold cuts, meats, cheese, fresh pasta, ready meals, gastronomy, vegetables, fish, dried fruit, etc.

The Revo Plus machine was developed to sit in the category just after the table top models and before the FP Speedy.

The main advantage of this machine is that it fits in tight spaces at only 2.4 Metres long which is ideal for factories that are in London and the output of a table top machine is just not enough for their daily requirements.

The design of the Tooling in the Revo Plus is completely different where the tool is light and very easy to put in the machine and quick when compared to other machinery.

Machine Details

Film Unwinder

Tray Handler

Ejection Belt





Main technical data

Output6-8 Cicles per Minute N
Power supply400V - 50Hz - 3P + N + GND
Power consumption5,5 kW
Tray maximum size (1 x cycle)390×270 mm
Tray maximum size (2 x cycle)180×270 mm
Tray max. height110 mm
Max. film width440 mm
Reel of film max. diameterExternal Ø 250 mm

Main Standard Characteristics

Stainless steel structure
Total accessibility
Proportional electronic film unwinder
Possibility of SKIN packaging, 100 m3 pump required
Quick mould size change, dishwasher safe
Reduced gas consumption
Pneumatically operated sealing and cutting
Automatic tray handling
Maximum integrability and customization

Revo Plus in operation

Machine Dimensions


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