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FoodPack 1485

FoodPack 1485 is a fully automatic in-line traysealer, equipped with a large sealing area and designed to be easily integrated into a production line. The mould output and fast cycle time allow this packaging machine to be an effective solution for large production runs. Installed as standard on the machine is CPS (Constant placement system) technology, which, thanks to the interpolation between the jaws and the wrapping belt, allows the machine’s maximum production potential to be reached. The design of the machine allows it to be configured to process a variety of packaging applications such as fruit, meat, ready meals, fish and more.

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  • Sealing
  • Gas Flush
  • Vacuum
  • Skin
  • Overskin
  • Extraskin
  • Extraskin on Cardboard
Technical Data FoodPack 1485
Dimensions375 x 90 x h 196 cm
Weightapprox. 1700 Kg
Air Consumption6 bar - 5 Nlt/cycle
Sealing Area850 x 350 x h 120 mm
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CPS technology

Technology that allows a continuous inflow of trays into the machine. The conveyor belt automatically separates the trays that are transported, without ever stopping, into the sealing mould. To do this, the jaws are electronically interpolated with the conveyor belts.

Anti-crush system

The photocell communicates if a tray is incorrectly positioned, the alarm stops the sealing operation and prevents the tray from being crushed.

OPTIONAL: Film pre-heating system for Skin

The Pre-Heating System allows to optimise the packaging time. From the moment you opt for skin packaging, the system starts to heat the film, making the work process more agile.

Easy belt disassembly

This allows all components at the inlet and outlet of the machine to be sanitised effectively in a short time.



Based on the fully electromechanical movement of the working station, this technology enables higher speed and productivity.


Technology patented by ILPRA that guarantees a lower use of gas and a higher working speed. Available on all models in this line


Cutting-edge technology that enables a constant inflow of trays. The interpolation of the belts and jaws increases the production speed.


Recognition of authorised personnel by badge. Up to three levels of identification.


It allows Skin packaging even at high degrees of protrusion.


Pre-heating of the film to optimize packaging in Skin.


Predictive maintenance system that enables the planning of the overhaul and replacement of components.


The machine checks the correct positioning of the trays, stopping sealing in the event of incorrect positioning.

FoodPack 1485