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Ilpra Systems UK Ltd was founded in 1990 due to increasing demand for our packaging machinery. Our parent company Ilpra Spa was founded in 1955 with the aim of designing and producing reliable, leading-edge packaging machines, and is still a family owned business which can now be also found on the Italian Stock Exchange. Since Ilpra Systems UK branch office was opened the company has grown and we now have over 400 customers throughout the country offering a vast range of products and services to our clients. These range from machines, to after service to consumables all based locally within the United Kingdom.

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The Fill Seal line which is essentially what we call POT Fillers includes a wide range of models both In-Line and Rotary that we manufacturewhere apot is denested, filled and then sealed. The machines can pack a wide range of products using different preformed trays/pots (PS, PP, APET, CPET, Aluminium, laminated cardboard). The tray/pot can be sealed by means of either a lid, or with film. The Film application version can be operated in seal only, vacuum and vacuum/gas modified atmosphere packaging (MAP). Some examples of items packaged on these machines are: Yogurt, Dessert, Spread, Jam, Cream, Soup, Pet Food, Liquid, Dressing, Sauce, Baby Food, Jelly, Juice, Butter and many more.


Ilpra Foodpack Tray sealer models are manufactured and range from the table top semi-automatic machines to the fully in line automated models. The tray sealers are designed to allow the packing and sealing of products in preformed trays (Usually in PP, APET, CPET, Aluminium and Laminated Carton) through the process of top sealing (sealing only/atmospheric seal, vacuuming, gas flush or vacuum/gas (Modified Atmosphere Packaging MAP) or Skin packaging (skin, over skin, extra skin).



The Formpack Thermoforming lines manufactured by Ilpra are used for creating and forming the tray/container from a bottom web thermoforming film (flexible or rigid), the product gets added to the tray (manually or automatically) and then the packaging is closed using a top sealing film.

The type of packaging that can be made on these lines is seal only (atmospheric seal), vacuum, MAP (protective atmosphere) or in Skin. Ideal for packaging all types of food and non-food products, they are also suitable for packaging medical products such as instruments, devices or syringes.


We deliver a wide range of plastic and aluminium food containers for all your food packaging needs and we are one of the leading packaging suppliers in the UK. Our popular products that we pack are meat, seafood, poultry, game, fruit, vegetables, pet food, seeds, nuts, dried fruit, dairy products, bakery and deli packaging.

We also offer different types of film, selected according to individual customer needs: polyethylene, polypropylene, APET / CPET or a combination of different materials, provide different results in terms of products’ shelf life and packaging styles.

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