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FormPack F0 / F660

Formpack F0 and its variant F660 represent gradually more customizable solutions but with a common construction philosophy: small footprint, great flexibility, excellent production performance, standardized formats, ease of use. But above all, absolute and consistent reliability over time.
Configurations can be different: depending on application, accessories and required performance, ILPRA is able to guide the customer to the most correct and advantageous solution in terms of machine model and type of customization.

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  • Sealing Form
  • MAP/ATP Form
  • Vacuum Form
  • Skin Form
Technical dataFormPack F0FormPack F660
Frame length from 3500 to 4800 mm (max)from 3500 to 4500 mm (max)
Step320 mm (max)400 mm (max)
Forming film width460 mm (max)660 mm (max)
Maximum height of containers120 mm (max)120 mm (max)
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Ultra compact

Customised format

Highly integrable

Total Brushless

This technology allows to better optimize the timing of each work step by increasing productivity, and improving product and container handling.

FormPack F0 / F660