• Standard Top-Sealable Trays
Gastronorm Trays (1/2 Gastro) – PP (Recyclable)

Our Gastronorm plastic and foil trays are the ideal solution for your food prep and service. They are suitable for both hot and chilled food. They are also suitable for refrigeration and come in a variety of range of depths and capacities from 30mm to 110mm in the following sizes:

  • 1/2 Gastro Tray Dimensions 325mm x 265mm
  • 1/4 Gastro Tray Dimensions 265mm x 161mm
  • 1/6 Gastro Tray Dimensions 176mm x 162mm
  • 1/8 Gastro Tray Dimensions 164mm x 123mm

Our Gastro Trays are available in the following materials:

  • PP Version (Suitable for freezer at -40°C and for microwave heating)
  • CPET Version (Dual ovenable & freezer suitable)

Our Gastro trays are available to buy/call off in smaller quantities and mixed depths  (1 pallet – 32 pallets) or can be ordered in full truck deliveries to your premises getting an even more competitive price.

Our Gastro range is available in Thermoformed and Injection Moulded trays (manufactured in ILPRA). Injection Moulded Trays are usually used for more premium products such as pasta & cheeses and thermoformed is usually used in the meat & service industry.

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Gastronorm Trays (1/2 Gastro) – PP (Recyclable)