• Standard Top-Sealable Trays
Round Sealable & Tamper-Proof Pots

Round Film Sealable & Tamper-Evident Pots are usually manufactured in PP mono material. They are usually used in Pot Filler applications mainly on Ilpra Fill Seal models but can also be used in Ilpra Tray Sealing applications.

Key Features of these pots:

  • 100% Recyclable
  • Suitable for Freezing
  • Suitable for Microwaving
  • Can be Hot Filled
  • Snap-on-Lid options available
  • In Mould Labelling options
  • Cardboard Sleeve Print options

The industry standard sizes are available in various standard depths requiring less tooling on your machinery and being able to offer more flexibility.

If standard sizes are required there will be products off the shelf with lower minimum order requirements also.

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Round Sealable & Tamper-Proof Pots