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EasyPack ZERO is an extremely compact machine easy to use for sealing trays with thermosealing film.
It is perfect for restaurants – catering – small laboratories – etc…
It works with a standard power plug. This machine, thanks to its small dimension, can be easily put back in a small place.


1 – Insert the tray with product inside the mould
2 – Manually unwind the correct film portion in order to completely cover the tray
3 – Pull down the sealing plate using the specific handle
4 – Remove the sealed tray with product inside.


We offer different tools in different sizes:

  • Format 09 (226×175 mm)
  • Piatto Q (180 x 180 mm)
  • Format 53 (185×135 mm)

Other sizes are available upon request.


Accordingly to the different sizes of the tools, we offer specific trays for each type:

  • Piatto Q is available in two different depth, 25mm and 35mm and it’s suitable for water-based, acetic and fatty foods
  • Tray 509, suitable for Format 09, is available in the following depth: 35mm and 50mm
  • Tray 553, for the for Format 53, has the depth of 35mm or 45mm


250 M/l – width 140 – 160 mm Ø.
Transparent heat-sealable cellophane-based film. Excellent barrier to humidity, good barrier to gases and aromas, resistant to oils and fats, heat sealable.
It can be used exclusively for the heat sealing of trays.



    A vacuum packer is a machine that removes the air out of a bag before then heat sealing it closed. Vacuum packers are available in various ranges from the table top, floor standing and double chamber packing machines.

    Vacuum packers are versatile and easy to use. The main market for this type of equipment includes; butchers, farm shops, restaurants, caterers, fish mongers, food factories as well as for vegetable & vegan applications.

    There are some applications which are also sometimes used for the medical & pharmaceuticalnon-food industries.

    Table Top

    For anybody entering the market in vacuum packing, the Table Top vacuum packers are the most compact, sustainable and efficient, whilst producing outstanding vacuum packaging results. Our table top models feature a spacious vacuum chamber, a 420mm seal bar, a Busch 16 m3/h vacuum pump & removable filler plates. We are suppliers of Henkelman vacuum packers the leaders in the industry. We have supplied a lot of these within the hospitality sector, especially for sous vide applications.

    Floor Standing

    Our floor standing vacuum packaging range add a little more speed and power to your vacuum packaging applications. The floor standing vacuum packer is configured by Busch vacuum pump, featuring 2 seal bars (or more) they are extremely versatile & can be tailored to suit your food or non – food requirements. Available in single & triple phase power supply. Various options available including; gas flushing, h20 sensor, (ACS) advance control system & different sealing systems & configurations.

    Double Chamber

    Double chamber vacuum packer’s also known as heavy duty swing lid vacuum packers are used for the more industrial applications. Large Busch vacuum pumps are used for fast vacuum cycles. These machines are used when requiring to pack large quantities at faster speeds. Whilst vacuum packing one side the operator can load and unload the spare side. Our double chamber models include seal bar lengths of up to 1.1m which are longer than its competitors & has unique features in both the construction of the work plate and the lid.